About us

We are a private, non-profit association whose goal is to create a generation of grateful leaders with spirit of service in their area of development through educational scholarships for talented upper-level students with limited economic resources.

Fundacion Epa, A.C is created by a group of people convinced that education is the solution to a wide range of social, family, economic and security issues.


We create development opportunities for talented young people of scarce economical resources through scholarships in the best educational institutions.


To dramatically improve the future of young people.

Our Values

  • Passion. Thrill to achieve and exceed our goals
  • Constant challenge. We work with the creativity and impetus necessary to achieve our vision.

  • Transparency. We generate trust through a transparent administration, working with ethics and good practices.

  • Professionalism. We act with compromise, dedication and seriousness in our work.

  • Social responsibility. We maintain a total commitment to the community.